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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Myspace Revolution

With the inception of the Myspace 'Big Boom' came the birth of a new mode of self-expression. Myspace caters to an audience of a largely diverse amount of people. From teens, to Teeny Boppers, to folks from the Good Ole Days, to Middle America men, to Top America men, to Sri Lanka, to Oxford, Ohio, to Tila Tequila--Myspace links all.

I'd like to presume that the Myspace Revolution may have given birth to psychological complex that hampers human interaction. Myspace users who make every effort to make their profile as accurate as they can may bear with them a sense of nakedness, or instant introduction. This lessens the strength of the traditional meeting. This complex may be more prominent among those who are younger, and who are within their teens. When meeting a stranger, in the mind of the complex-afflicted, the effort to find out about the other party involved in this initial interaction is not a burden of oneself, but a burden of the person he/she is meeting. The need to share of oneself is lessened in the subconcious effect of having already done so on one's myspace page. Sounds crazy, but it just might hold some clout.

I'd like to backtrack into the forgotten norms of social ettiquette. What caused the change in society's view of dating, sex, like male-female interactions? How about the new ways in which males and females treat eachother? Males and males? Females and females? What were the hot conversation topics of the olden days in comparison to those of now? The irresistable bathroom jabbers? I'd like to link the causes of these changes to the strides humanity has made in technological advancement, economics, social integration, etc.

I figure that the Myspace Revolution is but a grain in the sands of human cause and effect. Can you deduce anything else?


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